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Despite bearing heavy injuries, Kouta rushes off to fight Kaito. After learning that there is no one named Takatora working in Yggdrasill, Kouta returns to Drupers to serve Kaito until he is tasked to make a delivery at a site where he is ambushed by Mitsuzane as Zangetsu Shin. During this battle, DJ Sagara informs Kouta that time and space is being distorted and Kouta catches a glimpse of his personal future through a crack with him and Lapis.

DJ Sagara also confirms his suspicion that Roshuo intends to use the Fruits' powers to revive someone important to him, even at the cost of the lives of all those on Earth. Betting their lives and beliefs, Kouta and Kaito finally face off. At Drupers, Kouta and Kaito discuss the Forbidden Fruit before Redyue appears on TV, having used Yggdrasill's computer systems to hack all broadcasts worldwide, where she demands humanity to surrender and be her playthings or she will open multiple Cracks across the entire planet so it will be covered by Helheim Forest within one year. Two weeks prior to Demushu entering the human world, Kouta and Mai come across a strange street performer that they later learn is an immobilized android. Back at the Yggdrasill Corporation headquarters, though believing that he would be unopposed in his goal, Ryoma finds that his laboratory has been destroyed by Sid.

The background music is Jiro's Guitar, and the melody he is playing in his final scene is the theme his original counterpart used to announce his arrival in the original 1972 series. To prevent it from being revealed to the public, the bridge is isolated but certain that the Yggdrasill Corporation will incinerate the city should an Inves pass through it, Kouta and Mitsuzane decide to stand guard on the other side of the Crack in Helheim Forest to ensure that will not happen. Duke holds himself against Knuckle and Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms until Baron joins the fight, and the outnumbered Ryoma calls for a truce, claiming that he has an offer to them.

Elsewhere, Takatora meets Sid over the progress of five of the six Sengoku Drivers distributed, yet is kept in the dark of his younger brother's involvement. Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp! Meeting up with Mitsuzane Kureshima as he got out of Tenju Private High School, Kouta reveals he found his Team Gaim jacket with the intent to rejoin the group. Kaito, still suffering from Redyue's wound, is approached by DJ Sagara who comments on how he has been surpassed by Kouta, which Kaito refuses to admit. Both of them retreat and reveal the horrible news to Kouta and the others. Once he manages to move himself to grab the Kiwami Lockseed, Sagara disappears and Kouta and Mai are freed from his lock. But despite his loss, Kaito is allowed to keep his Banana Lockseed as he deems him a worthy opponent. Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2.

Having an idea, Mitsuzane goes to Helheim Forest with Kouta to secure a premature fruit by entrusting Kouta with his Sengoku Driver so not to mature it. Jin Haganeya (As the story draft of the Movie)Nobuhiro Mori Needing to finish the fight, Gaim transforms into Kiwami Arms to overpower Gurinsha with Baron's help, but Redyue appears and absorbs the energy from Gaim's Kiwami Au Lait attack. Luckily, a Team Gaim member named Kouta Kazuraba arrives and sends the monster back, but Team Baron wins by default. Ryoma warns Kaito of the danger for abandoning his humanity before falling to his death. Hase appears at Drupers, and after trying to eat the fruits there, he attacks Rica, but Rat gets hurt trying to protect her, and after Hase flees, he is taken to the hospital.

He ushers the others out of the garage when Sid reveals he is looking for information on the Suika Lockseed.

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