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Al Breeck mentions it in his post below “the bulkhead was repaired improperly, using one row of rivets instead of two.”. Your link to “A more gruesome series of images from the crash site can be found here.” does not work.

Minutes before the 747 crashed near Mount Takamagahara, the pilots tried to stabilize the aircraft by performing a series of rapid thrusts but with little effect. I wanted to tell someone but who would believe it. Although she suffered extensive injuries and had to be treated at a hospital for three months, she fully recovered and continued to live her life. GPWS: Pullup, pullup Thank you for your comment, Fritz. There are many theories about what happened to Flight 123, and many are dismissed as conspiracy theories. Was aluminum once more valuable than gold?

And it’s way worse than you think. I certainly hope it’s not a racial issue…. 2. Yes, it is my understanding that the Japanese government’s refusal of American assistance led to a number of lives being lost in the freezing night before the Japanese finally arrived the next day.

The pilot continued to send distress calls and asked to be rerouted to the Tokyo airport.

Nothing wrong with that, but might be nice to credit them. ( Log Out /  Still, the disastrous accident tragically changed her life: both of her parents and her younger sister were killed in the crash. Medical staff found a number of bodies whose injuries indicated that they had survived the crash but died from shock or exposure while awaiting rescue.

Thanks! http://www.evilyoshida.com/thread-6277.html Japan Airlines Flight 123 was a Boeing 747SR which departed from the Haneda Airport in Tokyo and was flying towards Osaka International Airport. Pride can become quite troublesome if one can’t get over it, and to know when one should ask for help or let someone help of their own accord is a crucial element of how society should work for making life better for everybody. Can you post the correct link, if it is still available? I was a teenager living at Yokota the summer this happened and remember this crash distinctly. During the investigation, the Commission calculated that this incorrect fix would fail after 10,000 pressurization cycles and the aircraft completed 12,318 flights following the defective overhaul. JAL 123 – The crash, the conspiracy. © The Velvet Rocket. I also had a dream about this crash. 2. The explosive failure ripped away half of the tail & rudder so even with hydraulics, no way to steer using the tail. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The following is the transcript from Japan Airlines 123 (JA8119) Boeing 747-100 SR incident that occured after the plane departed from Tokyo Haneda for Osaka Itami.

I had prayed for them to live. As an attorney, I wonder why the Japanese government backed away from going after Boeing when the facts seem to clearly demonstrate liability. The crew radioed Yokota Air Base to assemble rescue teams and offered to help guide Japanese forces to the site immediately. The JAL123 airplane crash case is memorized as the worst single airplane crash  occurred on Aug 12, 1985 in mountainous area of Japan which killed 520 passengers and crew members. The bulkhead's resistance to wear and tear was a mere 70% of its original capacity.

In fact, traveling by air is considered much safer than any kind of travel on the ground, since the abundance of vehicles involved in ground traffic presents a statistically higher risk of a fatal error or an unexpected event that may lead to a disastrous accident. And I wanted to die. I’m afraid the site I originally linked to seems to have been taken down. Some people also found years later a bottle of VX gas that was presumably used to poison the survivors that could’ve known about the Boeing being shot at from either a stealth American forces or Japan Defense Forces aircraft or possibly a Russian one. 3.

However, aviation accidents do happen and they are usually extremely deadly, mainly because of the extreme forces involved and the heights from which planes fall to the ground. Only the passengers that were seated in the last 3rd of the plane were actually identified, the others were burnt beyond recognition and the cockpit and pilots were never found.The reason so many died in this single aircrash is that JAL modified the 747, i.e. And when it failed and resulted in rapid decompression, this ruptured all four hydraulic systems and ejected the vertical stabilizer, rendering the aircraft uncontrollable. However, the president of the company resigned, and Tominaga and Susumu Tajima, a maintenance manager and an engineer who cleared the plane for takeoff, committed suicide out of overwhelming guilt. The four female survivors were seated towards the rear of the plane: Yumi Ochiai, an off-duty JAL flight attendant, age 25, who was jammed between a number of seats; Hiroko Yoshizaki, a 34-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter Mikiko Yoshizaki, who were trapped in an intact section of the fuselage; and a 12-year-old girl, Keiko Kawakami, who was found wedged between branches in a tree. Breaking news and analysis on aviation industry. After tremendous unsuccessful pressures, the US decided to do this.

The Japan Airlines Flight 123 (JAL 123) Disaster, Japan airlines flight 123 crash site – Japan Flight | Japan Tours » Blog Archive, Voo 123 - O Maior Desastre Aéreo Do Japão | Curiosidades do Japão, 10 Disasters Caused by Absurdly Negligent Decisions - Toptenz.net, 10 Disasters Caused by Absurdly Negligent Decisions – Articels. Japan Airlines Flight 123 was a Boeing 747SR which departed from the Haneda Airport in Tokyo and was flying towards Osaka International Airport. How are you an attorney? Despite the extremely harsh circumstances of the accident, the crash of Flight 123 proved that even in the deadliest of crashes there is some hope for survival. The final moments of the plane occurred when it hit a mountain as a result of this loss of control, flipped, and landed on its back. B747SR: Crashed after a failure in the rear pressure bulkhead caused a loss of hydraulics and control. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/adoi/e/9218d78bddf9f12a9d7bdc8ebec1c10a. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Cadet training programs for type and non-type rated pilots.

The company's maintenance manager, Hiroo Tominaga, committed suicide to atone for the tragic event. Namely, four female passengers miraculously survived the disaster and lived to tell the tale.

Not until 14 hours after the crash were emergency rescue crews able to reach the area. The crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 in 1985 is notorious for being the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history: 505 passengers and 15 crew members were lost in the disaster. It’s a bit slow to load, but it works. Continued control problems required them to first request vectors back to Haneda, then to Yokota (a U.S. military air base), then back to Haneda again as the aircraft wandered uncontrollably. Because of the notoriety of the crash of the Japan Airlines Flight 123, the company no longer uses “Flight 123” to designate the flight from Tokyo to Osaka. Below is a picture of the crash site today: The video clip below (which I recommend viewing) contains more details and uses a flight simulator to recreate portions of the last flight. They are as responsible for many of the deaths as anyone else involved. Not many. CA: Flap. After nightfall, a Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) helicopter spotted the crash site but was unable to land due to poor visibility and the mountainous terrain. Upon impact, the 747SR exploded.

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I can understand why the local commanders were angry…. There was more into the dream but I gave you most of it. https://juzoitami1997.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/the-end-of-japan-society-part-3-ex-prime-minister-ordered-to-kill-all-passengers-of-jal123/ Corrections? Tattoos: The Best And The Worst - Part 1, The Museo Historico Policia and Pablo Escobar, Paintings of The Day: The Course of Empire by Thomas Cole. In any way, you can read the whole story of what everyone said happened, according to the medias and such on Wikipedia here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Airlines_Flight_123. Your link to “A more gruesome series of images from the crash site can be found here.” does not work. All those conspiracy theories ~.~ The only one i ever heard which was plausible and even more than the official version is “Mortal Error” as it actually would explain several open questions regarding the incident …. All of them were seated in the left row in the rear of the aircraft, and, fortunately, this was the only part of the plane that remained intact.

It’s likely that the reason Air Crash Investigations do not go into liability is that the program is focused on finding the reasons behind the crashes rather than assigning legal blame, and that no air crash is EVER the result of one single cause. Most likely, their impaired cognitive abilities resulted from their bodies being deprived of oxygen at such altitude.

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